How can I pop up File Structure for any class where cursor is?


Currently when I hit CTRL+F12, it will shows popup of the current class File Structure. I like this feature alot!

However, when I browse source, I would like to see the File Structure of other classes used in the current source file. Currently I have to first jump into the interested class's source first then hit CTRL+F12 again to see this. It would be nice that CTRL+F12 can popup any arbitrary class where my cursor is (much like the CTRL+H, but unfortunately it doesn't shows Class members with this) without have to jump to source first. Is there way to do this?


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Hi Zemian,

No, the IDE doesn't provide such an ability. The closest is 'Quick Definition' lookup (Ctrl+Shift+I) - works fine for small classes/interfaces.


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Thanks for the reply Denis.

But CTRL+SHIFT+I is not the same though, mainly because I wan to see all methods/fields avaialable on an interested class. This Quick Definition pop up are just the source code, not collapse structure. Too verbose.

I have filed a feature request here


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