Keymap issue in the GUI Designer (OSX)

Hi everyone,

I have a keyboard shortcut issue within the GUI Designer on Mac OS X.

When I type the keyboard shortcut for the "Create Component" action, nothing happen. However, when I run this command using the context menu, everything is fine.

I have  tried to change the default shortcut, but I didn't even find the action in the keymap setting panel. A search with the string "Create component" didn't find anything interessting.  I have surely missed it, but after half an hour I gave up (computer 1, me 0 :))

My environment :

  • Mac OS X 10.7.5 / Mac mini I7 serveur / full Mac keyboard
  • IntelliJ 12
  • Keymap used for test : Mac OS X 10.5+ (Command + N) / Mac OS X (Ctrl + N)

Any suggestions?



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The "Create component" action is not separately available in the keymap because it reuses the shortcut of the standard "Generate" action. The action works fine for me; please make sure that you have a component selected in the UI Designer when you invoke the action.

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Hi Dmitri,

Thank you for the answer, but unfortunately it still doesn't work on my side.

Using the default "Mac OS X 10.5+" keymaps, when I press the generate shortcuts (Command+N) in a java code, the generate menu appears as expected. So it seems that the Command+N shortcuts is not trapped by another app. But when I invoke this shortcut in the UI designer, nothing happen.

>  make sure that you have a component selected
I have tried several time, without any success, by selecting different kind of component : Form, JPanel, JLable, JComboBox.

I have also tried with a newly created project (using the "Java Hello World" Samples, with/without a custom keyboard shortcut.

I'm surely missing something obvious…

Do you have any other ideas ?

Thank you for your help,


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Dear all,

Just for information.

The new release '12.0.2' solved my issue. Everything works fine :)

Best regards



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