IDEA 12.0.2 doesn't update the sun-jaxws.xml file -- Web Service Won't Deploy

After repeatedly trying to get a JAX-WS Web Service to deploy, I noticed that the sun-jaxws.xml file had no endpoint information.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<endpoints xmlns='' version='2.0'>


Also, part of the <binding name> in the wsdl file, possibly related, is showing red:

<binding name="myServiceBinding" type="ns1:myService" xmlns:ns1="http://service/">


Then when running the web service, IDEA says it's deployed the Web Service successfully ("Artifact is deployed successfully"), yet when trying to pull up the WSDL in the browser (since the client ws program didn't work), I get this:

"404 Not Found: Invalid Request"


I think the basic problem is the sun-jaxws.xml file, but I'm not sure why IDEA isn't populating it (beyond initially creating it).

I don't see any options to do that update so the file has endpoint information.


Thanks in advance.



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