Groovy plugin ready for Javaone?

Hi Folks!
I have been monitoring the groovy plugin and even downloaded the source and compiled it on my laptop. And while I can see that development is happening at break-neck speeds I was wondering if there would be a functional build by Javaone? This is the first time I'm going and I will be attending some of the groovy/grails sessions and would love to use and show off my favorite IDE.


Hi Steve,

We don't plan any release bound to javaone, though we do plan to have a stable build with some additional features ready to the time. And it would be great if you could demo our work for groovy/grails folks at javaone.



Hi Eugene!
That is wonderful news! Actually I'm taking sessions in Groovy/Grails, JRuby/Rails and Scala. So I would be happy to show anyone interested any of the plugins that are functional by then.
Thanks a bunch!


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