IDEA and Subversion: show current active branch somewhere


I'm using IDEA 12.0, we have Subversion and a strict policy about changes to trunk, any change should go to a separate branch first, and after closing a ticket merge master merges changes back to trunk.
So my workflow looks like:
1) Create a new branch
2) Work in this branch
3) Ask merge master to merge my changes back to trunk

I have found 2 ways for this workflow in IDEA: checkout each branch to a new dir or update/switch to a branch and then back to trunk.
First approach is quite slow, and I also have to manually copy project files and redefine some config files. So I end up with second approach.
But the problem is that IDEA doesn't show current branch in some good visible area, and sometimes I forget what branch aI'm working on, and have to go to Changes -> Working copy info -> Refresh

Is there a way to show current branch in a window titile or in a status bar (as IDEA does for git)?

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Starting with 2018.3, IntelliJ shows branch name in the commit dialog, under the files tree - see
This works for Subversion as well.
And there is the Subversion Working Copies tab that shows which URL each copy is currently mapped to.

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