Ajc compiler having problems with Groovy classes. IJ 12

So I have one module that needs AspectJ to build classes. However, in another module that doesn't use AspectJ at all is getting errors from ajc. Why is it even using ajc to compile if it doesn't use AspectJ at all in that module? Not in the maven pom for that module.

I am also using Groovy classes in all modules. So I have one class HandEngine, and when I try to run a Spock test, I get compile errors of

ajc: The import com.blah.gameserver.core.HandEngine cannot be resolved
ajc: HandEngine cannot be resolved

This is in an enum class called ActionHiddenToAllButOnePlayer.java

Now I import and use HandEngine in three other classes and they don't throw the same compiler error. And if I look at the ActionHiddenToAllButOnePlayer in the IDE, it doesn't show any errors in the editor.

Just when I run the Spock test. In the run configuration in before launch it says "make"

Help, we have a deadline for an internal release tomorrow and this is now a major road block.



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