Spring property file not read in webapp?

I have a similar question to the one I posted here: http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=266684&tstart=15

Only, this time my app is a web application, the application context is in WEB-INF/applicationContext.xml and loads a property file through the following definition:


let's say module root is "$", my webapp folder is in $\war: this is configured as module's "web resource directory" with path relative to deployment root = "/". Nevertheless the properties taken from the file above are not recognized by IDEA, which marks them red.

Already tried: /WEB-INF/version-prod.properties, and it does not work. It seems to me that marking the webapp root folder as "source" in this case could create problems (due to resource copying), and my config should be enough for idea to grab the properties file. Am I wrong?

Shouldn't the fact that the \war subdir is marked as web resource be enough

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Thanks. How comes I can't mark as "helpful" the answer?

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Hmm... It looks like a discrimination :)


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