Problem with IDEA 12 Ultimate and starting PHPUnit tests on Ubuntu 12.04

Yestreday I upgraded my IntelliJ IDEA 10.5.4 Ultimate to IntelliJ IDEA 12.0 Ultimate. I use it for Java/PHP development. I have manualy install the PHP plugin in v.12.0 because it is no more bundled. The version of the installed PHP plugin is 123.66.
Since yesterday I cannot start my PHP Unittests anymore in v.12.0. In v.10.5.4 they run without any problems.
Now I get this message

"/usr/bin/php /tmp/ide-phpunit.php --no-configuration ApiAllTestsSuite /home/projects/development/dms/classes/test/api/ApiAllTest.php
Testing started at 11:06 AM ...
PHP Fatal error:  Interface 'PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener' not found in /tmp/ide-phpunit.php on line 258

Process finished with exit code 255"

I looked in the autogenerated starter script ide-phpunit.php and founded that there are some missing "require_once"-declarations for some PHPUnit classes (first of them is PHPUnit_Framework_TestListener).
My include_path points correctly to the PHPUnit installation folder (as I said in IDEA 10 runs without problems)

How can I solve the problem?

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Do you still have the issue?



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