Tomcat unexpectedly reloading contexts in IDEA 12

Having a problem while debugging with Tomcat and IDEA 12. It seems Tomcat keeps reloading the context after code changes and frame deactivation. I've got the options on frame deactivation set to "Update Resources" and Update set to "restart" and ask dialog is enabled. With IDEA 11 this would update the templates, css and images on frame deactivation, but leave the classes alone. Hence not keep getting pestered by the reload context dialog while I'm debugging template logic.

But what I've been seeing is Tomcat redeploying the app suddenly without any warnings in the middle of such debug sessions, destorying the debug session in the process. This is a bit of a deal breaker for me, might have to go back to IDEA 11. Can't not make any changes while debugging.

This is IDEA 12.0.1 and Tomcat 6.0.32 both on Windows.

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Reported this as IDEA-98921 but now I can see there's a growing bunch of related issues around deployment and frame deactivation / deployment behavior IDEA-97961, IDEA-92129, IDEA-97245 ..


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