Setting to NOT delete empty changelist when 'active' state changes to 'non-active'


I currently have PivotalTracker integrated in IntelliJ and I often work on multiple bugs at the same time.

1) I open a PivotalTracker task and that automatically creates an active changelist
2) Upon committing my changes, this active changelist is now empty
3) As soon as I work on a different bug and open that new task, another active changelist gets created thus switching the currently active changelist

The problem/feature is that now my previous active emtpy changelist then gets automatically deleted.
If I still have work to do on that task, IntelliJ won't recreate a changelist for me when I reopen what is now a 'closed' task.

Is there a setting where I can set it to NOT automatically delete empty changelists when they go from an active to non active state?


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I found a work around. If I delete the task in question (under Closed Tasks), I can then reopen my Pivotal Tracker task and it will recreate the changelist for me.

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There's an IDE Preference that controls this setting, in Project Settings/Version Control/Confirmation, called "When empty changelist becomes inactive".

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I can't find this option

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Here it is (btw, you could use search in settings to find it, e.g. search for empty changelist)


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