idea 12 import project to subversion failed

The first time i used this IDE,:p
i wanna import my project to subversion.
when dad finished uploading i found my local file is unversioned files status
I don't know how to solve the problem unless checkout from server:_|

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Hi Nate,

  with IDEA, you can either Import the project to Subversion - and then you need to check out the project to some different location, or just Share the project - in this case you need to commit the changes only.
I can advise you either to checkout the just imported project to the new location, or to remove the imported project from the repository and re-import ypour local project again using ShareProject action.
Use VCS | Import Into Version Control | Share Project (Subversion). With this action, you get your project imported and the current project becomes teh valid svn working copy. Subversion becomes enabled for this IDEA project so you only need to commit the changes.

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Thank you for your advice. It is so helpful to me;)


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