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Having an annoying problem with a project I've just migrated to IntelliJ IDEA 12. The Edit Configurations... option availiable from configuartions dropdown on the main toolbar is only showing the default configurations? I can only access the projects run configurations via the Edit Configurations... option under the Run Menu. Why is the other drop down only showing the defaults, which I rarely change? Seems to be the same dialog but the one I'm used to using the most is hiding three Tomcat server configurations and a bunch of unit test configs from me? (no applications).

any ideas?

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Noticed a bit more odd behavior of this dropdown menu choice. If I start a Tomcat configuration and click on the deployed app web.inf in the deployment window then select Edit Configuration from the run configurations down down then I do see the project configurations. But if I click anywhere else first then they remain hidden? seems very odd.

As a workaround I've edited my main toolbar to add yet another Edit Configurations... action to the main toolbar immediately after the dropdown choice. This a a copy from the Run Menu options and shows the project configs OK so far, no selection context weirdness.


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