Question about updates


I just bought Idea 12 and registered my personal copy. After executing "Check for update" I get an option to download Idea 12.0.1. Do I have to reinstall Idea every time in order to do minor updates?
With Idea Community Edition I had the option to "download and install" new versions without reinstalling Idea.

Thanks for your answer!


Patch-based update is currently not supported on the Mac. We'll reenable its support at a later time.


Please excuse me, I forgot to mention that I use the Windows version of Idea.
So on Windows patch-based updates should work?


Yes. If you're using Windows and have the final release build of IntelliJ IDEA 12.0 (build 123.72) installed, the auto-update option to 12.0.1 is supposed to be available.


Okay I had 123.45 installed and thought this was the final release build. Well, now I installed 123.94 and hopefully there's no need to do a full download for minor updates anymore.


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