Web Application exploded artifact validation problem with Idea 12


I have a problem with validation my web application with Idea 12.
there is a project created in Idea 9.0.2 it contains web faced - set of jsp pagest and resources
when I select option menu item "validate all files in facet 'Web' " for module, Idea 9.0.2 copyed all web content into
explode output directory which is configured for an artifact and actually validate all my jsp - compile its and
throw message in case of any problem - everything works as expected.

but when I open the same project with Idea 12 and try to validate web module - it does nothing, just write to event log
message "All files are up-to-date" and nothing more - it doesn't even try to copy web content to exploded directory - it remains empty.
the project and modules options looks identical to Idea 9 but doesn't work

does anybody know how enforce the new Idea to work as is doing the old one ?

thank everybody in advance

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have created a simple test project with Web facet and single index.jsp inside
with wrong uncompiled java code - just undefined local variable
Idea 9 during validation find this error and throw message in the log
Idea 12 said "all files up to date" only

so the question now is - how enable jsp validation on Idea 12 ?


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