IntelliJ IDEA 12 is with all the functionality of WebStorm EAP 6?

I am hoping to buy IntelliJ 12 license soon. I work alot on Java & HTML5 + Javascript now a days.

If I purchase IDEA 12 do I get all the goodies of WebStorm 6 (once release) for HTML5+Javascript development or do I need to buy WebStorm 6 as well?


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IntelliJ IDEA 12 includes all the WebStorm functionality, but it does not some of the plugins bundled by default (e.g. JSTestDriver). This means you will need to make a couple of clicks to install them from repo, but this will take a few minutes.

If you work with JavaScript only, you may eventually think about buying WebStorm just because it is more lightweight (no modules, dependencies, less menu options etc.). But all the features are there in IntelliJ IDEA.

IntelliJ IDEA 12.1 (covered by current IDEA 12 license) will be functionally equivalent to WebStorm 6 release.



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