Hard to start, non intuitive

I try to start in Idea for Android twice. I never worked with Java or Idea befor.
Yestedey I spent couple hours to run first demo on home computer. There was errors, which magickally disappeared on ten or twelve attempt to create a project. I still dont now what help. I have used openjdk-6

Today I try setup environment on computer at work. I decide to try Oracle JDK 7. And I get error again http://i.imgur.com/ny4Fw.jpg What it means? What it wants from me? I have set up Java http://i.imgur.com/ncycZ.jpg (I can chose Java then try to create project "Java Module")

I think for me more easer to start program with Vim, but unfortunately in Vim no GUI Disigner

Xubuntu 12.10

Where I can report a bug with wysiwyg in Opera?

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Could you please reopen Project Structure dialog with configured JDK and try to create Android SDK again. If no success, please attach idea.log file here ( Help | Reveal log in... )

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I create empty Java project and I after I can create Android project. Usability issue.

I think you need good actual how-to "Getting Started with Android and Idea" with screens for people, which want to start programming for Android, but never use Java and even dont know why they setted up Java SDK 7, but Idea in error report mentions somthing like "JSDK 1.6". Some of these people will become a pro. Most not, but some will. And they buy your product.

There is only one reason why I use Ubuntu: there are many how-to and most of them simple to google.

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@Vasily, yes we'll include the fix into IDEA 12.0.2 http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/IDEA-96256


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