Navigation bar feels wrong

  • IMHO clicking on a "+" should show a list of sibling files/folders, rather than the children as it does now.

- My most common usage for the navigation bar is to quickly navigate to other files in the same folder. Currently I have to do alt-pos1, left, down. Pressing left feels like "go up" which is strange if I want to open a file in the same folder.
- The breadcrumbs in Vista's explorer also seem to work that way (showing siblings):,1205,l=&s=25534&a=193538&po=7,00.asp
- Same for the XP explorer add-on, which feels very naturally:

  • Alt-F1 should immediately pop-down the list. That would save me another keystroke.

  • The icons should be arrows pointing right, resp. down if the list of siblings is open. After all this is not a tree - plus having a row of arrows looks a lot more like a navigation path.

What do you think?

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I agree, do you have JIRA items I can vote for? I like the principle of the navigation bar very much and keep it always visible, but it could be better. Here is one more gripe:

When using the mouse to operate it, it requires to much mouse precision.
1. To show the children (which indeed should be siblings) I need to click on a tiny +.
2. Clicking on the icon does nothing, I know this because I have done so accidentally about a million times.
3. Clicking on the label basically does nothing too, because only the item is selected, you still need to operate on it.

What I would like is that the +, the icon and the label is one clickable area, which when clicked on pops down the list. When double clicked navigates to the item.

That ExplorerBreadCrumbs thingy is pretty good. I had never seen it before, but now that I have installed it, I think it could become one of those tools I can not live without.


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I'll vote for that too.

While you are at it, please vote for this one too, which should make the navbar more usable:


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Hm, it seems that development of the navigation bar stopped more than half a year ago.
At least there are issues in IDEADEV that are that old.

I have created lots of issues with different priority. Would be fantastic if
all were resolved in an concentrated effort to create the ultimate nav bar.
I would settle for less, though ;)
Feel free comment on/vote for these issues I created:

The most important one for me: - Show siblings instead of children

Nice to have: - Navigation Bar should be smaller - use arrows instead of +/- signs - Alt-F1 should immediately open list - Make visible by default, add close button - Grey out previously selected items to the right.

Bugs: - F4 on package pops up "register new file type association" dialog

These two (one that I created and one I found later on) actually contradict each
other. One of it should really be implemented, though: - Left click on label and icon - Clicking folder name in Navigation Bar should show files (like clicking +)

Other bugs I have found: - Buggy navigation bar (Path is wrong) - Erratic behaviour of the navigation bar (when bar is too wide) - Duplicate of IDEADEV-13287 - Duplicate of IDEADEV-13287 - Navigation bar does not pop down after file deletion - Navigation Bar alternates between showing class name and file name

This one would really be useful: - Allow Nav Bar use beyond Class level (ie. methods)

And finally one remaining Other feature requests I have found: - Navigation bar should omit "Project" node when there's only one module in project


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