Build 6161 Confused

I did a CVS update and one of my team failed to check in the source for 4 classes and other changes that he DID check in caused those classes to have syntax errors.

I tried to run and got compile errors and one of the classes came up in the editor. So now the classes have red squiggly lines under them in the project view. I get my teammate to check in the files and I do a CVS update.

Here's were things go wrong.

The three files that I didn't edit I can't double click on, I can't F4 and I can't compile from the project view (those options are greyed out in the pop-up menu). I can command-N and open them that way, I can compile them while I have them open but nothing that I do returns the file to the correct state in the project view.

I quit IDEA and restarted it. Everything was fine then.

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