Navigation Bar feels wrong

  • IMHO clicking on a "+" should show a list of sibling files/folders, rather than the children as it does now.

- My most common usage for the navigation bar is to quickly navigate to other files in the same folder. Currently I have to do alt-pos1, left, down. Pressing left feels like "go up" which is strange if I want to open a file in the same folder.
- The breadcrumbs in Vista's explorer also seem to work that way (showing siblings):,1205,l=&s=25534&a=193538&po=7,00.asp
- Same for the XP explorer add-on, which feels very naturally:

  • Alt-F1 should immediately pop-down the list. That would save me another keystroke.

  • The icons should be arrows pointing left, resp. down if the list of siblings is open. After all this is not a tree - plus having a row of arrows looks a lot more like a navigation path.

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