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I've been searching around for an hour on whether IntelliJ can use java.awt components in their UI designer.
Specifically I need to use java.awt.Canvas, I used to use IntelliJ all the time and find it nicer to use than other IDE's, so I'm hoping someone has an answer?
I haven't managed to find an answer or question similar, if this has previously been asked/answered a link would be excellent.
Current JDK version: 1.7.0_04
Current IntelliJ IDEA version: 12.0 (latest build from main site)


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From Help > Help Topics > Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines > Swing, Designer GUI > GUI Designer Basics:

IntelliJ IDEA's GUI Designer enables you to create graphical user interfaces (GUI) for your applications, using Swing library components.
. . .
Using the GUI Designer is subject to the following limitations:
     • GUI Designer does not support modeling of non-Swing components.
. . .
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Ah thank-you :) , sorry about that.


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