Preview all interface method implementations in a separate panel. At once!

Let's say I have in my code. Type of "a" is an interface and "foo()" is a method in this interface. There are many various implementations of "foo()" available. If I CtrlAltB it (Go To => Implementations) - the list of all of them is provided ( From this point I frequentlystart jumping back and forth in order to review all implementations (if I need to do so).What if IDEA could show all those implementations at once in a separate panel, similarly to "Find Usages" preview ?CtrlShiftH (View => Method Hierarchy) only shows list of methods. But it could have a button "Show Code" - when pressed, all methods implementations will be shown below their list: - each method in it's own window of a constant height with a scrollbar. This way, a single shortcut could show all available implementations of the interface method at once, without having to visit all of them one-by-one ...

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Oh, right, CtrlShiftI + Left/Right does the job - somehow, I've forgot about it ... Thanks !


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