GitHUB with Private Repository from Organization

For some reason I can't find simple directions on using IntelliJ with my Organization. I am currently the owner of this organization.

Here's where I am:

     I have a project on my local machine.
     I want to publish this into GitHUB into a private repo of my organization
     I have created this private repo on the GitHUB site.
     I have installed Git locally and put my GitHub credentials in

When I go to VCS->Share->Import into Version Control->Share on GitHUB I have the private repo checkbox grayed out.

All I want to do is push this code into a private repository for my organization. What am I doing wrong?



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Hello Robert,

unfortunately currently organizational accounts are not supported yet (

But that only means that we don't provide handy mechanism on cloning our project from Github or sharing it there.

You still, of course can push by using the Git Integration.

1. First, add the github remote and make the initial push as stated in "Step 3: Push your commit" section of the GitHub tutorial:

git remote add origin <repository url>
git push -u origin master
(-u is recommended in the last command to set up branch tracking at once).
2. Then you may use Update Project, Push and other operations from the IDE.

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