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There is not anything built into IDEA to the best of my knowledge. You do have a few options. There are two commercial profilers that I know of that have IntelliJ IDEA plug-ins: JProfiler and YourKit. I personally use YourKit as find it a great tool. The downside is that commercial licenses for both are $499 (US). YourKit does run Personal Licenses for $99 offers every now an then (often at this time of year). Look in the forums for any announcements. You can also just contact their sales department. I have heard that they will sell you a personal license if you ask.

The other option is to use VisualVM, which has been included in the JDK since Java 6 Update 7. It is not as robust as the above two commercial profilers. But if your needs are straight forward, it is a decent tool, and you can't beat the price (free). You can also download some plug-ins for VisualVM.

There's also JMX and JConsole. See Monitoring and Management for the Java Platform for more information on those. To the best of my knowledge, the JConsole and VisualVM tools are similar. But VisualVm is newer and offers more advanced monitoring features.

I hope that helps.


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