Ctrl+Shift+F4 doesn't close Debug panel if focus is in "Ant Build" panel

Selena build 6733, WinXP SP2:

http://img361.imageshack.us/img361/6507/39951518xr7.png - I have both "Ant Build" and
"Debug" panels open, some Ant target is selected. I press CtrlShiftF4 thinking it'll terminate and close the "Debug" panel .. Nothing happens. Ah, the focus is in wrong place (Ant's panel, like "Changes" is not close-able and has no CtrlShiftF4 option) so I click editor with mouse and press CtrlShiftF4 again. Same - the "Debug" panel doesn't close. Then I click the "Debug" panel with mouse and again press CtrlShiftF4. Finally, "Disconnect from the process" dialog appears. I press Esc and click editor again. Now CtrlShiftF4 works, as expected. Meaning when I clicked editor taking the focus away from from Ant targets - CtrlShiftF4 didn't work but when I clicked it taking the focus away from "Debug" panel - CtrlShiftF4 worked.

I've tried it again and see it repeats every time: focus some Ant target in "Ant Build", click editor with mouse - pressing CtrlShiftF4 will not close the "Debug" panel.

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