Preview Usages - browse Prev/Next occurrences with keyoboard

6733: Running "Find Usages" with "Preview Usages" button clicked

Pressing CtrlAltUp/Down (btw, did you know those shortcuts rotate some Dell screens upside-down :) - see , sorry for the Russian) start browsing the usages in all 3 screens - editor, find usages and preview usages.

( - screens "1", "2", and "3")

This makes "Preview Usages" meaningless as I can already see the usages in editor anyway. But when usages are clicked with a mouse - then only preview usages screen ("3") changes and that's when new "Preview Usages" option is powerful. But it means I need to use a mouse for quick previewing the usages - how come ? Is there a way to provide another keyboard shortcut for browsing Prev/Next occurrences when only screens number "2" and "3" are changing ?

Thank you !

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