I met this error message "Cannot parse Android SDK".

Hi all.

I installed JDK (jdk_7u9-macosx-x64.dmg), ADT (eclipse and Android SDK) and intellijIDEA in order to write Android code.

I executed intellijIDEA after doing this.

but it's occured like following error message.

Is there a who know the solution?

Please help me.


Following is process-images to create a project.

1) JSDK home path
스크린샷 2012-12-06 오후 8.21.35.png

2) Android SDK home path
스크린샷 2012-12-06 오후 8.21.41.png

3) After choosing Build-target.
스크린샷 2012-12-06 오후 8.21.48.png

4) It's occures "Cannot parse Android SDK" error message.
스크린샷 2012-12-06 오후 8.21.58.png



Could you please describe all your steps sequentially in details? I didn't manage to realize them by pictures. Why the build target of SDK entry was set to "None"?


Hi eugene.

This problem was resolved through installing intellijIDEA 12.0.

Thank you for your interest.


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