Finding project files under webapp folder fails and look wrong(intellij idea 12)

Good evening!
I often use ctrl+[shift]+n to navigate in project. But now after using and test Intellij Idea 12, i find issue(in 11.1.4 all seems ok). Before submit into issue tracker, ask advice.
I checkout multi module maven project, and when try to find file under webapp dir(such as webapp/js/*.js or **/*.jsp) a get something like this:
finding file.png
As you can see it looks like maven-surefire-plugin. Yeah, we use this plugin, but what connection it has with webapp files?
also when use ctrl+space, get the same message.
Ok, i work with this, but  its annoying, cause results not seems first and shown last. Also i can't use some refactor methods, like extract to method and etc, hit says that this file is a part of sdk or library(wtf?).
I try to find settings, project properies, but i cant find anything, where i can disable this, and say to idea about this files.
Thank you for help and advice

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Ok, I find  how to fix. It's looks like a bug in Idea(it's very clever to find what classpath use maven plugin. O_o)
I have:

                    <argLine> -Djava.naming.factory.url.pkgs=org.apache.naming</argLine>

So, exlude this additionalClasspathElement won't make Idea go crazy. It looks like bug, so, I will report about it.


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