Idea git integration

Hi. I am using idea version 11.1.2. And We are using git project

I have 5 modules in it all modeules are tracked by git.

But idea only knows 2 modules as git other 3 modules it does not know as git project, so i can not see any changes made for them using idea. Is there any way to tell idea that this is git project?

And sometimes When I change files with idea then When I see changes using gitk(git command to see what changes have been made), it shows entire file changed, like all lines removed and added back even thougjh i changed only 1 line code.

Why does idea change all lines? it is giving hard time to find out why this is happening.

Can you guys help me to fix those?


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To add git support to additional modules, have a look at the Version Control option in the Settings dialog (Settings -> Version Control). This lists all the directory roots that are under version control and the type (e.g. Git, CVS). All you need to do is to add the directories that are under Git's control (the ones containing the .git file or folder).

As for showing the entire file as changed, my first thought would be that the line separators are different between your repository and working directory. Take a look at the "Line Separators Conversion" option in the Git settings (Settings -> Version Control -> Git) as this should help.



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Thanks, I added projects as a git. it worked. 2nd we will see.

Thanks a ton again.


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