6708 problem with error hilighting tooltips, high cpu%

I have run into a problem on both my work and home PCs (both
Windows XP SP2) running 6708. 6700 may have also had the
problem. On some java files, the syntax/error parsing takes
place, but even after mr. inspector is done, IDEA is still busy
doing something.

Also, if I mouse over a hilighted error, the error/warning
tooltip will pop up for a split second, but then disappear. If I
move the mouse around, the tooltip will repeatedly pop up and
disappear very rapidly.

I uploaded cpu snapshot 6708_Alex_16.02.2007_23.28.04b.zip to
ftp.intellij.net/.uploads (Note the 'b'. My first upload failed
and left a partial file, so I reuploaded, adding a 'b'. The
filesize is 2969151 bytes).

What I did was load a file into the editor, waited for syntax
parsing/hilighter to complete, waited 1 more minute, IDEA is still
showing cpu busy even though nothing visible is happening.
Then, I started the cpu snapshot, and I startd mousing over some
of the warnings in the editor pane to get the tooltips to show up
and disappear repeatedly. I did this for about 10 seconds, then
stopped the capture.

It is not happening on every single Java file, but it tends to
be happening on the ones with more errors/warnings, but I haven'
t discovered an exact pattern. Again, the mr. inspector says
he is done -- The square at top of gutter is solid yellow and
the tooltip for that says "Analysis complete". Also, that
tooltip is also appearing and disappearing rapidly just like the
warning tooltip inside the editor pane. I hope the cpu
snapshot might tell you what the problem is, because it is
annoying for me..


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What I was doing in the similar situation (in the past, back when it was happening to me, can't say it happens now) is switching to another file and then coming back: AltRight, AltLeft.
Many times it "pushed" errors analyzer (by, probably, causing it to reparse the file from the beginning) to actually finish it's job and finally show me the color.

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The color shows up fine. Everything appears complete, but idea is still using cpu% and when I mouse over an error, the tooltip blinks on and off as I move the mouse over it.

It could be something is unrelated causing the problem. I have never seen this problem with the tooltips before. I just restarted IDEA and right now I don't see the problem, but I saw it on my work and home PC yesterday.


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