Error installing and launching the Hello World Android App from IDEA


I am a newbie to Android developement on IDEA.
I am tryint to write a Hello World Android App on IDEA.
And I get the follwing error when trying to run/launch the app on an emulaor device from IDEA.
Is this a known issue and what could be wrong with my configuration.

I am running the 11.1.4 version and JDK 1.6 and android 4.2.
Let me know if you need additional debugging info.

I appreciate your help!


Uploading file
 local path: C:\Users\atodimal\IdeaProjects\android_hello_world\out\production\android_hello_world\android_hello_world.apk
 remote path: /data/local/tmp/com.example
Installing com.example
DEVICE SHELL COMMAND: pm install -r "/data/local/tmp/com.example"
pm: 1: Syntax error: "(" unexpected

Launching application: com.example/com.example.MyActivity.
DEVICE SHELL COMMAND: am start -n "com.example/com.example.MyActivity"
am: M����/�ҽ �UP�=�#N�n: not found
:�� � �� ����u�k z ��x� �
���y  � T� �q�j � A� ŹKZ?;Uq tx 6wc�����U �#� �Q ��q�� : not found
am: 4: Syntax error: EOF in backquote substitution

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