How can I change svn repository update depth in Idea?


There is a panel called Changes in Idea. There are several tabs: Local, Repository, Incoming and others. I tried to update Repository tab to see the new commits. But while doing this I have set the depth of update to 5 instead of default 500. Now there are always 5 last commits there and I dont know how to change it. Please show me the way to change that setting of depth to 500 back.

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Changes | Repository - there is red cross in IDEA12 - Clear, then refresh


Settings | Version control | Background | VCS history cache settings

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Exactly, you can clear already loaded set of data with Clear action in Changes | Repository, and then refresh (it will ask the number of lists to download again)

! In earlier versions of  IntelliJ IDEA, there was no Clear action, so you need to go to <HOME>/.IntellJIDEAXXX/system/vcs-cache and clear it (actually, each subfolder there corresponds to a project)


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