add library to classpath quickfix broken ?

Hi, I'm experiencing some strange issues with the add library to classpath quickfix .

I have a global library "Spring 2.0", with classes/sources/docs sets (multiple jars for the classes part).

When I try to reference (in a module that do not have the library in its dependencies) one of the spring classes (in my case SqlMapClientDaoSupport), IDEA proposes me to add the "Spring 2.0" to the module's dependencies which is exactly what I want.

Problem is, it does not really work, only one of the jars is added to the dependencies (in this case spring-mock.jar), not the whole library.

Has anyone encountered this problem ?

edit : I'm using IDEA 6.0.4 build 6148

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I've seen this, but it seems intermittent. Meant to post a JIRA.

--Dave Griffith


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