Idea 'Structure ' Tool Window arrangement issues [Win8-x64]

This is something which bugged me for ever.

For any Java class, 'Structure' tool window always arrange its members in a way even if I uncheck any of the settings (Show/Group/Sort).

In case any of the arranging settings are unchecked, it ALWAYS presents members as follow:

  • public methods
  • private methods
  • static constants
  • instance constants
  • public fields....

What I want though is to leave and arrange the structure of the code AS-IS, i.e, in my case:

  • public static consts
  • static fields (public,...)
  • static methods (public...)
  • instance fields
  • instance methods
  • inner classes, etc.

From time to time I get irritated of this 'feature' and do a search and see answers which state that 'Structure' keeps your code arrangement intact (as in Eclipse).

But it does not, not at least on Windows and it's tested with 11.x and latest 12 build.

Any idea what am I missing?

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The structure tool window always groups elements into methods, properties, and fields. It displays them in that order. The sorting options sort within each group. If no sorting options are selected, it does display items in declaration order, but still grouped by the element type. I suggest you open a feature request asking for an option to not group the elements. That way, with sorting off, you would see everything in declaration order with the different element types intermixed.


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