How do you hide hidden (.) files from the Project View

I'm trying to hide hidden files (files beginning with a .) in the Project View

I have selected the Show Hidden Files Folders action but nothing happens...


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Hi Dean

1) There is no option to show/hide hidden files in Project View panel

2) The option you have found possibly belongs to Remote Host panel (FTP/SFTP/FTPS). P.S. There is an action with such name in "Settings | Keymap | Other", but I do not know what it does.

3) You can add list of file names to be excluded from the project by adding such names to the "Settings | File Types | Ignore files and folders" field. This will affect ALL projects as it is IDE-wide setting

4) You can also use Custom Scope functionality (define one in "Settings | Scopes" to include all files excluding undesired files, then you can switch to that scope in Project View panel)

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#3 has solved my issue.


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