IDE Talk for Community Edition?

I currently use Ultimate Edition (12 EAP, and will be purchasing 12 Ultimate when it is released), and I love IDE talk. Other people I work with on my project use Community Edition. On the "feature matrix", it says that IDE Talk is available via a plugin. The plugin on the repository however, seems to be comparatively ancient and outdated. Is it possible to get the "current" IDE talk for Community users? The version on the repository is borderline useless. I would love to be able to use IDE Talk to its potential, but that means my co-workers need a usable version.

I think either the one on the repository should be updated (or is it lislted under another entry that I missed?), or it should be removed as a feature availble by an upgrade.

Any suggestions? Thanks!

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As a workaround: have you tried adding the IDE talk plugin that is bundled with the Ultimate version to an installation of the community version. Maybe it'll run there as well? I'm not sure about licensing involved with this solution, though.


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