Adding option to "File --> New" dialogue

Is it possible to add an option to the "New" dialogue? I've added a template for the purpose, but I can't seem to find the option to add it to the menu.

I've attached an image of the menu that I'm talking about.

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If it is a file template that file extension, it will never appear in the "new" menu directly (and cannot be added to the best of my knowledge). Instead it is available for selection in the "kind" drop down on the "Create New Class" dialog that opens after you select New > Java Class. (The field where you select 'class', interface', etc.) You can select a template via the mouse, using the arrow keys, or by selecting (i.e tabbing to) the "Kind" text field and using inline search (i.e. start typing the template name).

All other template types (i.e. non .java) are automatically added to the "new'' side menu you show upon creation. To prevent that menu from getting too long, once the number of templates hits a certain threshold (I think it is 20 or 25, or it may be based on screen resolution)  a new "From File Template..." option is added. Selecting it opens a dialog with a single drop down list (for which inline searching works) of all the templates. The last x templates used remain on the "New" side menu directly. I'm not sure how many remain off hand, but it's a good number.


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