Annotate broken when path changes, svn add/rm

One of the features I use often to track down changes in a source file
is annotate (using svn as the VCS). Recently, a path changed in SVN and now IDEA cannot find the correct revision to pop up when I click on the annotate number.

For example, when I enable annotations for a source file, it will color code the gutter with the author, the svn revision, the date, and an index. I can usually click on this and it will bring me to the correct changeset.

But a set of files was recently moved from /path/foo/a  to /path/foo/b

And although the annotate works, I cannot click on the linked line to see the changeset. I get this error:

svn: E195012: Unable to find repository location for '' in revision '675,314'

The previous path was

Is there some way for IDEA to figure out the old path based on an SVN copy (remove/add) and link to the changeset appropriatly?

Thanks in advance!

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Is this an SVN issue? or an IDEA issue? I can open a defect ticket if necessary


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