Artifact not re-built on run

I have a two module project:


There is an artifact that bundles module_myagent into myagent.jar

Run configuration runs myapp.Test class with VM option:


it has checked Before Launch Make and Build 'myagent:jar' artifact.

When I start this run configuration myagent.jar is not re-built, i.e. changes in module_myagent are not re-compiled and rebundled into myagent.jar. I need to force manual compilation of classes from module_myagent for myagent.jar to be rebuilt.

Am I missing anything in the settings  ?:|? Would like for Shift-F10 to re-build myagent.jar if there were any changes in module_myagent.

P.S. If I add module_myagent to dependencies of module_myapp than the changes are picked up and myagent.jar is re-built but this is not an acceptable solution as module_myagent is added to runtime classpath (even if Scope is "Compile")

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Looks like this is a bug. Could you please create an issue in our tracker ( As a workaround you can add the
following line:
to /bin/ file.

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JetBrains, Inc
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