Launch AS3 application with Ant like in FDT?


I'm currently evaluating switching from FDT to IntelliJ for AS3 develoment. So far I'm really impressed by IntelliJ, they only thing I can't figure out is how to launch an application with ANT. In FDT, I did it like so:

<fdt.launch.application projectname="${projectName}" main target="${deploy.dir}/MyClass.swf" debug="true" startswf="true" swflauncher="Browser" swflocation="${deploy.dir}/MyClass.swf" compilerArguments="${compilerArguments}" />

How can I accomplish this in IntelliJ?

Thanks for help!

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Hi, IntelliJ IDEA doesn't provide any special Flash-related ant targets. There's a request but is hasn't collected any votes, so it is not of high priority. IntelliJ IDEA has ganeric ant support, so if you want you are able to write ant script doing whatever you want using standard ant targets or targets from Flex SDK and launch it from IDE. But what's the need in ant if IntelliJ IDEA allows to configure compilation and run/debug in any way you need using standard project settings and run configurations?


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