is it possible to revoke update?


Hi Patryk,

Looks like there is no way to revoke update.
But maybe you could tell us what went wrong after update, and we will help you to fix it?


downloaded new rev (files) from svn. Can undo this operation?


Oh, I thought you were talking about IntelliJ IDEA update...

As for SVN update, did you merge your modified files after update?

If you didn't merge your files, you can just backup your modified files, then checkout previous revision of your branch (you can do it from command line with "svn checkout -r<your_previous_revision>", don't know how to do from IDEA), then copy yout modified files back.

If you did merge your modified files after update, then there is no way to automatically 'unmerge' them, you'll have to do it manually. Then you can do the same: backup changes, checkout previous revision, copy your changes back.


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