NPT error starting debugger

I am used to version 4.5 of IntelliJ.  Recently upgraded to 11.1.3.  I am able to compile and run my application.  However, when I try to start the debugger on the same code I get an NPT error (included file contains all of console information).  I have searched for a possible solution, but nothing I find points me in the right direction. I would appreciate any help that can be given.

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Hi Bryant,

My guess is that you try to start the debug session with shared memory transport:


Please try socket transport, this should be more reliable.


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That is a good suggestion, but kind of funny.  I had switched from

sockets to shared memory on someone else's suggestion to fix this.

I get the same results either way.


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From what I know, shared memory never worked fine and was available for windows only. My guess was based on the fact that the jvm was probably unable to find the native library for the shared memory transport. Still it is a good idea to stick with socket transport.
Looking at the error it seems like the IBM JVM cannot find and load some native library (probably the one that is responcible for debug support). Please make sure that all native the libraries are "visible" to the JVM. A good test would be to try to start the VM in debug mode with "HelloWorld application" from the command line specifying the following debug parameters:




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