Libraries and SVN Externals

Firstly I am working with actionscript and having trounble writing to external libraries.

I have a project with a "lib" folder. Within this "lib" folder I keep all my external libraries, most of these are SVN External libraries, some are "read-only" and some are not, either way, I can not edit any files that are part of an "SVN-Exteral" whilst within IntelliJ Idea, if they are not part of an SVN External, they can be edited. The "pad-lock" icon in the IDE is shown as unlocked and toggling it does nothing. Also I can edit the SVN External files in other text editors which tells me this is an IntelliJ thing.

Is there a setting within IntelliJ to allow me to edit, these externals or do you think this is something related to the SVN settings.

Thanks for any help.

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1. ActionScript library is a *.swc file that has binary format. How are you going to edit it?

2. If you have a set of *.as files that you are going to edit - this is not an external library. These are source files that should belong to your project. There are few ways to configure it:
- one Flash module with several source roots
- two or more Flash modules with build configurations that depend on each other. For example LibModule with build configuration that produces swc (output type: Library) and AppModule with build configuration that depends on build configuration from LibModule

3. If you have a set of *.as files that you are not going to edit, but just to use corresponding classes as if it were a 3rd party library - you can configure Raw AS Library.

Please look through Flash related documetation in IntelliJ IDEA help system (Language and Framework-Specific Guidelines | ActionScript and Flex)

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HI thanks for the reply.

I have just replied to your question in another post but though I would just add some more info here because I still have a problem.

The type of files I am working with are "raw actionscript" not swc. They are from a 3rd party library, however, the libraries are constantly evolving and sometime they leave debugging in there or there is a feature request that is yet to be implemented. Because they are raw actionscript, I can edit the "3rd party lib" and comment our code, add extra features etc...

However, I can't edit the files when inside intelliJ. I have to open the files in another editor to do so.

I hope that makes it clearer. I may have set my project up incorrectly...

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workflow with 3rd party raw AS libs assume that you don't need to edit library sources and IntelliJ IDEA by design protects 3rd party files from editing.
If you need to edit them - you need to configure as if they were your own files belonging to your project. So this will be an additional source root of your module or a separate module with build configuration producing swc. The last approach is teh best from architectural point of view.

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Great, thats aswered my question. I am going to go with the "adding additional root" as this is really what i am doing.

Thanks for all your help!

You can close this thread.

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Note that your question is not related to verson control system by any means although you've named the thread as 'svn externals' )


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