Synchronize files on commit

I'm using an external compilation script to compile & combine my assets (javascriüt & stylesheets).
But I had to de-activate "Synchronize on frame deactivation" because it was really slowing down the whole workflow when switching between browser and IntelliJ.

The problem is: If I don't manually click "synchronize" on my asset directory before I commit my changes to Git, they are not marked as "Changed"!

That's why I propose to synchronize the project files before the commit dialog is shown.



I suggest you open a feature request if you would like to see this.

In the meantime, you could record/write a simple macro (Menu: Edit > Macros) to do this. Simply record a file sync followed by opening the commit dialog. (You'll have to close the commit dialog to stop the macro recording.) You may want to double check the macro via the macro edit menu option after recording. If desired, map the macro to a hot key in the key map settings. You could even map it to the hot key currently assigned to commit.


That's a great idea, thanks!


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