Embedded Jetty Run Configuration Static File Sync

I have an embedded jetty application (read: main method) that I am attempting to run via IDEA's standard application configuration. The java application runs fine but the static resources (images, html pages, js files, etc) are not synced to the deployment directory. The static files are not on my classpath so they don't get recognized via the compiler process. Is there a way I can define a set of files that I want to sync over when I run a standard application? Is there an artifact equivalent for a standard main method application? Is there a plugin I could install to get this sort of functionality. Thanks.

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You can configure an artifact which copied the static resources to the deployment directory and add 'Build artifact' item for this artifact in 'Before
launch' section in the run configuration.

Nikolay Chashnikov
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Thank you!. That did the trick. Much appreciated!


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