Better SQL formatting!

For some major versions IDEA has made steady progress in SQL support.
I find myself using IDEA instead of specialized SQL tools more often and more (at least for simple tasks).

A feature where IDEA is still very weak is re-format of SQL statements and scripts.

I find it surprisingly complex to format SQL consistently and readable - which makes it only more important to support an automatic reformat that gives very good results.

There are a lot of issues in YouTrack for better support of specific formatting features.
I think though that some dedicated work should be spent on improving SQL reformatting in general!

(The best standalone tool I have found so far is SQLinForm. Its options can be a good reference for other tools :-)

What do you think?
Is this important enough to justify the required effort?

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Please wait for the next EAP. SQL formatter has just received its share of attention ;-).

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Wow, thanks! A big step forward.

I especially like the case and quote correction settings which make it easier to copy/paste generated code from elsewhere and have it readable. (And unquote even considers keywords correctly :-)

What I am missing (at first sight) are options to have a new line after each master keyword, like after the "from" keyword here:


Also some alignment options would be fantastic, like on aliases:
   count(*)   as count,         as price

or on types in DDL:
create table config (
    id        int(11)          not null auto_increment comment 'Primary Key',
    name   varchar(200) not null,
    value    text,


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