VSS6 and IDEA 6.02 still unusable


today I tried again to update my system to Idea 6, this time 6.02, at
customer site. Unfortunately the initial delay of about 10-20 minutes is
still there, during this time all VSS operations are extremely slow. The
source of the problem is still the initial changelist update that to my
knowledge cannot be switched off. Apparently this is not usable. I think the
problem is that VSS6 is maybe the last remaining dinosaur that uses
filesystem access to manage its repository. No matter what you do to improve
the situation, I strongly believe that any complete update like you attemt
it on the changes refresh will set you busy for a long time on a project
size like ours with > 5000 Java files. I do not dare to imagine what happens
if all our developers start up IDEA or update changes list at the same time
Isn't it possible to just disable this automatic update feature for VSS6
users? Then, Idea6 would be the same as 5.1 with respect to VSS integration.
I also posted this to Jira 10313.



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