Misc problems.

You can remove the 'core' plugins (like Weblogic integration) in the plugins screen, but can't get them back short of reinstalling. Shouldn't they show up on the downloadable plugins dialog?

The reason I discovered this is that the Weblogic integration plugin keeps trying to open the weblogic.xml file for edit (and I get a prompt asking to open it in Preforce). This is happening for all the weblogic.xml files in the project, often. It doesn't actually change the file at all, just opens it for edit. When I removed the Weblogic integration plugin it stopped complaining. (Hopefully we don't try and go back to weblogic)

Oddly, when I installed the 6.0.2 release (6107) the struts integration can't find any of my jsps anymore. The struts-config.xml files are forests of red, since all the forwards to jsps are not being found (cannot resolve symbol/file). Code complete on an empty forward is only finding servlets defined in the web.xml (though .do calls are not complaining). Opening the exact same project/modules in build 6043 works fine.

Heh, guess that is enough for now...

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Regarding your Struts problem: please double check you web module settings, section resources/relative deployment path

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I'm using the exact same modules and projects that I was using in 6043 (Where it works). I tried re-creating the web module in question and it's still complaining.

The files are all under the resources directory with a relative deployment path of '/', which is how they are referred to in the struts-config.


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