CTRL clicking goes to decompiled class instead of java class

This always happens to me and I can never figure it out . I'll have a  source loaded and I'll CTRL click on a symbol to go to it's definition but instead of finding the .java file (which is present in the project) it decompiles the .class file and then shows me that. All I can think is somehow the .class files got listed as sources in the project configuration and those appear before the .java files of the same name. The thing is, the project in question is the community source and the sources are about a couple million  files in modules  autmagically loaded when you set up the project by pointing it at the community source. I actually don't think there are .class files in any of them. What this tells me is  that the file of the source is not on my sourcepath, but that's not true, at least that missing class whose decompilation is showing up in in the projects view and appears as a source file in the project.

Totally baffled.

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Where are these .class files located to which you are navigated to (path is shown in the frame header)?
Make sure that <Module source> entry is the first one in the table at Dependencies tab of each module (Project Structure dialog).


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