"Select classes to import" error

I have found a bug

that's part of my code

Validator validator = block.getValidator();
SwingManipulator manipulator = block.getSwingManipulator();
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_order_type, block.mod_direction);

validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_order_type, block.mod_direction);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_blank_num, block.mod_blank_num);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_transport_count, block.mod_ts_count);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_ask_num, block.mod_ask_num);
validator.new LabelIndicator(fld_payments.getTitleLabel(), block.tmod_payments);
validator.new LabelIndicator(fld_goods.getTitleLabel(), block.tmod_goods);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_inopartner_name, block.mod_inopartner_name);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_country_where, block.mod_person_country);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_person, block.mod_person);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_country_from, block.mod_country_from);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_tr_type, block.mod_transport_type);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_addition_info, block.mod_addition_info);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_inopartner_address, block.mod_inopartner_address);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_inopartner_country, block.mod_inopartner_country);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_pos_shema, block.mod_npa);
validator.new LabelIndicator(labl_reg_num, block.mod_reg_num);

if I copy one line, for example last line. And then paste it to any place in this file/class - the "Select classes to import" dialog shows me a message. But in this class import already writen.


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this happends only on inner class

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Hi Andrew, JetBrains is usually very responsive concerning bugs, but it helps a lot if you enter the bug directly to their bug tracking system Jira:
Register, then select "Create New Issue" and choose project "IDEA: Feedback".
If you want to save them even more work, then go and search first for another issue that might already describe your bug (you can vote for that issue then).

If you aim for the perfect bug report, then create a simple, self contained example that reproduces the bug.


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