No warning for unset path variables?

I'm using path variables to set up the location of my JDK's and the Android SDK. but it doesn't quite work the way that I would expect it to.

In particular I set up Path variables for the location of the JDK and the Android SDK, then created a project and went on my merry way. When I transfer the project to a new machine and load it I expect to get some sort of warning about unresolved path variables which I could then set up. However what actually happens is nothing compiles and when I go into Project Structure I see that the JDK/Android SDK elements are broken because the root path is $JAVA_6_HOME$ or what have you.

Of course going into the Path Variable settings and setting up the variables manually fixes things, but the documentation mentions that I should get warned as soon as I open up the project. As such I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or the documentation is wrong or it doesn't work as advertised.

I noticed some threads about constant warnings about various variables not being defined so I thought perhaps the functionality might have changed without the documentation updating or something.

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In IDEA 11.1.3, I do receive an error for undefined path variables. Undefined path variable(s) are reported as "Load Errors". Make sure you have load errors turned on (they should be by default). Open the Event Log tool window (in the lower right corner by default or via View > Tool Windows > Event Log). Click the settings icon in the Event Log tool window. (Or you can go to the setting dialog via File > Settings > IDE Settings > Notifications.) Make sure "Display balloon notifications" is checked at the top and that "Load Error" is enabled (the default is "Sticky Balloon").

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Hmm, "Display Balloon Notifications" is on but I don't see a group in the notification settings by that name. The only items that aren't set to pop up some sort of balloon are "Compiler", "IDE Fatal Errors" and "Test Runner", but all of them are set to log so I assume if it was one of them I would see a message in the event log itself, which I do not.

On the other hand after some poking around the project files themselves don't seem to contain any reference to the path variables I'm using so maybe that's the reason?

I for example have JAVA_7_HOME set to "/opt/jdk1.7.0_02", but the module .iml file references the JDK by name and the references to JAVA_7_HOME appear in config/options/jdk.table.xml in the IDE configuration directory.

That being the case it seems more logical that it's not telling me that there are variables undefined in the project because there actually aren't and it's actually an IDE configuration problem. Or should I still be getting warnings of some sort at IDE startup because it has unreferenced variables in it's own configuration?

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I still don't get these notifications out of 11.1.3, however I exported all settings and imported them into the latest Leda EAP and opening up a project did cause the notifications to appear.

I don't know why 11 won't display them while 12 will using the same settings, but I'm planning on upgrading to 12 anyway and it seems to work there so it's not that big a deal now.


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